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Xenon-VR Takes the Eye-Exam To You

Fast. Accurate. Cost-Efficient
See 10x more patients and increase revenue 4x
Meet Xenon-1

Xenon-1 is the next-generation of eye diagnostic equipment for Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, eye care clinics, medical universities, hospitals and anyone in eye care diagnostics.

Why Xenon-VR

Accurate, comprehensive eye diagnosis in under 30 minutes



Performs five exams in 20 minutes (Visual Field (VF), Extraocular Muscle (EOM), Visual Acuity (VA), Confrontation Field (CF), Color Vision (CV), Contrast)


Unique and potentially revolutionary eye exam device .


Streamlines in-office eye exams and allows for more quality time with patients 


Portability enables telemedicine with remote eye testing


Costs significantly less than traditional tabletop equipment 


Virtual reality hardware combined with proprietary software



Virtual reality hardware combined with proprietary software


Dr. Gary Chu
New England College of Optometry
VIce President, Professional Affairs

There’s substantial growth and advancement in eye-tracking technology for healthcare and Xenon-VR will bring that technology for the optometry industry.

How Does It Work?
The VR headset sits comfortably on your patient’s face

Xenon-VR shrinks the size of your basic diagnostic pathway while optimizing your ophthalmic examination workflows

You determine which tests to run and conduct tests with the touch of a button

Data is reported to a tablet with custom-designed hardware and software backed up in the cloud

Eye-tracking technology reads the patient’s eye motion

Auto-adjusted pupillary distance for every patient


The questions below are usually asked by Doctors. If there are any other questions you would like an answer to, please contact us and we’ll connect with you ASAP.

Xenon-1 Exams are Reimbursed by using existing PCT codes 92081  92082 and 92083.

Xenon-VR’s lenses are tunable, shape-changing lenses. With patent-pending Liquid Lens Technology, a refractive error can be corrected for and adapted to each patient’s refractive needs.

The Xenon-VR device comes with an Ultraviolet Santizer Light and sanitary pads for the headset.

Xenon-VR devices do not require an eye patch or dilation.  The stimuli are presented to each eye at a time and when one eye is activated the second will have a black screen. 

Xenon-1 is a Class 1 Medical device and is 510k registered. We have completed all applicable regulatory requirements.

Yes, we have several ongoing studies on Xenon-1. We have two different universities who are helping us to complete our studies. 

Medical Advisory Team
Exam ABT Wavefront
Dr. Robert Gilligan
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Bruce Stark, MD
Board of Director
Dr. David Meltzer
Assistant Professor
Dr. Maria Sampalis
Dr. Maria Sampalis
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Dr. Gray Chu
Vice President, Professional Affairs
Dr. LYnn D. Greenspan, OD, PhD.1
Dr. Lynn D. Greenspan
Assistant Professor
Dr. Derrick L. Artis
Management Consultant
Dr. Vivek Goyal
Ocular Disease Optometrist
Dr.Kyle Khoedebeck
Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke
Medical Director, Utilization Management,
Doctors are saying about us
Dr. Michelle Phan
O. D

“Xenon-VR is an exciting and innovative product that will change the convenience and standard of patient care. The concept allows for the evolution of the product and increased patient accessibility. I imagine it continually revolutionizes eye care in the exam room.”

Dr. David M. Imondi

“I am very impressed with what I have seen so far from Xenon-VR. This device could have a major impact in finally integrating substantial telehealth technology into current eye-care practices.”