The eye exam of the future is here. Join us

The first mobile, virtual reality ophthalmological screening device with multiple exams in one. Xenon-VR will streamline the eye care diagnostics process and reshape eye care as we know it.

Our patent-pending device is completely portable, allows for easy examinations and quick and accurate diagnosis of eye diseases in order to save physicians money and drive additional revenue.

Accuracy. speed.reliability
  • Accurate comprehensive, eye diagnosis under 10 minutes

  • Performs five exams in 20 minutes (Visual Field (VF), Extraocular Muscle (EOM), Visual Acuity (VA), Confrontation Field (CF), Color Vision (CV), Contrast)

  • Unique and potentially revolutionary eye exam device 

  • Virtual reality hardware combined with proprietary software

  • Streamlines in-office eye exams and allows for more quality time with patients 

  • Portability enables telemedicine with remote eye testing

  • Costs significantly less than traditional tabletop equipment 

Partnership Opportunities
We’re looking for Partnerships to help bring Xenon-VR to market. Our team of engineers, developers, business experts and manufacturers are ready to start manufacturing and R&D. Contact us for more information and a prospectus.
Dr. Michelle Phan

“Xenon-VR is an exciting and innovative product that will change the convenience and standard of patient care. The concept allows for the evolution of the product and increased patient accessibility. I imagine it continually revolutionizes eye care in the exam room.”

Dr. Kristin Kosch

“The Xenon-VR device and software hold promise for futures clinical practice and management given its distinct advantages, and I am eager for the launch of the final product.”

Dr. Janelle Fern

“The Xenon-VR allows for patients to be comfortable and focused during visual field testing, eliminating issues of poor positioning an discomfort in bulky traditional perimeters that can lead to inaccurate and unreliable results.”

Dr. David M Imondi

“I am very impressed with what I have seen so far from Xenon-VR. This device could have a major impact in finally integrating substantial telehealth technology into current eye-care practices.”

WHo We Serve

The Xenon-VR audience will include a broad range of eye care providers: Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Private Clinics, Hospitals, Independent Physicians, Private Eye Care Centers, Specialty Clinics and other Medical Institutions.